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War in Ukraine has ended sport’s ‘neutrality’ myth

Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton to call in mediator to address toxic-culture allegations

Deaf football players, who rose to stardom in California, get front-row seat to Super Bowl

These 5 out gay guys will make history on Super Bowl Sunday

“Michael Jordan leads the highest-paid athletes of all time ranking followed by a trio of golfers.”

London School of Economics: Straddling the line between gender and sex: How racism, misogyny, and transphobia intertwine to define notions of womanhood in the world of elite sports

Star: Edward Rogers fought plans to keep Raptors’ Masai Ujiri, but was thwarted by MLSE head, sources say

CBC: If Edward Rogers referred to Masai Ujiri as ‘arrogant,’ he gave the game away

Racial slurs, taunts hurled at Cape Breton Indigenous hockey players during game in Antigonish

‘This isn’t enough’: Western’s Director of Indigenous Studies reacts to Washington NFL team’s decision

On addiction

Crisis in the National Women’s Soccer League: A Story of Predation and Power

How sports and recreation facilities are unequally spread across Montreal

StFX coach Gary Waterman sees obstacles between BIPOC coaches, U Sports football

“We’re not used to seeing athletes as workers. That’s quickly changing.”

Simone Biles Chose Herself “I should have quit way before Tokyo.”

Sports media remains overwhelmingly white and male, study finds

Women Athletes Are Disrupting Traditional Perspectives on Parenthood

Women Athletes Are Disrupting Traditional Perspectives on Parenthood — and calling them “superwomen” is not as complimentary as you may think

More people watched the U.S Open women’s final match than the men’s

Race, money and exploitation: why college sport is still the ‘new plantation’

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a research study recently found that referees experiences high levels of abuse which affects their mental health and leads them to abandon refereeing.

Canadian Leylah Hernandez (ranked 73rd) becomes the youngest since Serena Williams to beat two top 5 seed at the US Open

“How a high school football team experienced the first forceful ripple effects of a knee taken five years ago.”

After coming out earlier in 2021 as prospect, Carl Nassib to be come the first openly gay man to play in the NFL

MLB moving All-Star Game from Atlanta over Georgia voting law

The NCAA unequal treatment of men and women teams is long standing

In 2020, FIFA may have generated more revenue from video games than actual football

Team Norms and Playing Through Injury in Sport

‘I signed my life to rich white guys’: Athletes on the racial dynamics of college sports: “Athletes helps their schools raise billions of dollars in revenue and never see a single cent. It is an issue at the forefront of many of their minds

Tiger Woods returns to golf video games

See comments under R. Gay’s tweet for good sources on history of national anthem at sport games.

Tokyo Olympics head Yoshiro Mori called out by Naomi Osaka and others for sexism. He must go.

Trans Inclusion in School Sports Doesn’t Hurt Cisgender Girls, New Report Finds

Race-ing the NFL: How Anti-Black Standards Are Built into the 2015 Concussion Settlement

Poignant thread on the difficulty of retirement for elite/professional athletes that speaks to socialization, identity crisis, mental and physical health toll of contact sport, etc.

‘They’re lost.’ The pandemic is taking a silent toll on athletes young and old

Canadian NFL Champion and MD Laurent Duvernay-Tardif on choosing to skip the 2020 season to help at home and on the role of sport in society

What About the Trans Athletes Who Compete — And Win — in Men’s Sports?

Klete Keller: From Gold Medalist to Capitol Insurrectionist

College sport and the pandemic: The veil has been lifted, but for how long?

Can Nike keep it cool?: An examination of corporations and political sides

Sarah Fuller: the first woman to play in a Power 5 Football Game

Sports Illustrated introduces a list of the most powerful, most influential and most outstanding women in sports right now

Bad Boy for Life: Hip-Hop Music, Race, and Sports in the Sociology of Sport Journal

The ‘Disposable Populations’ of Sports

Fed Cup changes name to honor tennis great Billie Jean King – Now called the Billie Jean King Cup

NHL, junior hockey leagues part of ‘conspiracy’ to exploit teenage players, $825M lawsuit alleges

The Possible Location Options for UFC 249

Women’s representation in administrative positions in Olympic sports

“She was a running prodigy. He was the most powerful man in track. How her promising career unravelled.”

“‘Let’s Root for the Boys:’ The Reimagining of the NFL Cheerleader

Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna “Gigi” Bryant have brought about some important discussions about the meaning of a sport star and about the specific messy and not so complicated legacy the former LA Laker leaves behind. To some he was a hero, a legend bigger than life, and a great advocate for women and girls’ sport, especially through his young basketball phenom daughter. To others, his was the epitome entitlement after being charged and admitting to choking, lacerating, and raping a teenager back in 2003.  Society has to reckon with the latter and “ignoring it doesn’t help.”

Racism in European football (soccer). A resurgence or the same old, same old?

Kassian vs Tkachuk, Oilers vs Flames, or the code vs deviance? But then, what do women have to do with it, according to some p-words involved.

How a West Seattle woman is making history with the New York Yankees

I Was the Fastest Girl in America, Until I Joined Nike

Youth hockey coach receives racist message from parent

Annet Negesa, a former Ugandan former middle distance runner, points the finger at IAAF in disturbing story of forced medical procedures meant to “pull[…] out [her] testosterone”

What exactly is Don Cherry’s impact? This article argues that he is a hindrance.

R.K. Russell, NFL defensive currently a free agent, came out as a bisexual man at the end of August 2019

Serena Williams’s new all-female Nike ad, “Dream Crazier,” hit on an issue almost as old as time: the “hysterical” woman.

Can Breaking Become An Olympic Sport And Still Keep Its Soul?

Gay players fear icy reception

Canada Winter Games using new gender inclusion policy at 2019 event

Why are women still having to fight so hard for their rightful place in the male-dominated sporting world?

California to Consider a Bill Requiring Sporting Events to Pay Men and Women Equally

Sex offences against minors: Investigation reveals more than 200 Canadian coaches convicted in last 20 years

Trump, Colin Kaepernick and the Super Bowl: Scholar David Leonard on white privilege in sports

Black Swimmers and Diasporic Understandings of Water

Spike Lee, Nike, and Corporate Activism

Racism in football 

Obesity in the NFL

The cost of Olympic success? More abuse allegations in a highly competitive team: the case of Korea

A woman officiated an NFL game for the first time in January 2019

The NHL’s struggle to stifle personality

Spurs face FA inquiry after fan throws banana skin at Arsenal’s Aubameyang

For Laurence Vincent Lapointe, being told she couldn’t ‘sport’ because she was a girl was only a motivation

Eroseanna Robinson protested before Kap and Carlos and Smith.

The 2022 Commonwealth Games may be Canada’s last. Funds for athletes to get there are running out.

How Basketball Became Part of First Nations Culture

Women’s beach handball players’ uniform rules

Players masking their own physical pain

Fascist fight clubs: how white nationalists use MMA as a recruiting tool

Much has been written about the Australian cartoon depicting Serena Williams at the US Open Finals. Racism and, especially mysogynoir (socio-culturally sanctioned hate of Black women rooted in a history of violence against Black women), permeate this discussion.

NHL Players and Fashion Control

Athletes Hiding Injuries

Hear all about The Dark Side of Male Fitness Internet

Plenty Out there about Nike and Kaep. One example.

Sport for Development with the Raptors: