Female Presence in the NFL

Becca Longo is the first female to sign a NCAA scholarship. For some in the world of football this may be just another scholarship, but for society. it means so much more. It means the world of sport is becoming less scared of and shying away less often from the female presence.  Often, when women are being referenced in sport, no matter the magnitude of their accomplishments, they are referred to in relation to men.  For example, when Simone Biles won ‘alongside’ Michael Phelps.

The spotlight rarely directly hits the woman, often times belittling their achievements.  But these headlines cannot help but to shine directly on Longo.

Becca Longo has been an athlete all her life, sports came easy to her.  It only took the high school grad one week to adjust from kicking off a one-inch tee (high school standard) to off the ground (college standard).  Just another example of her unique athleticism.

Image result for becca longo

All this to say that there is no fear of Becca being incapable of holding her ground in men’s football. She has put in just as many hours as male football players do to get good at the sport, if not more.  She wants to play just as bad as any male athlete.  Not only will she contribute immensely to the game of football, but also to the acceptance of females in professional sports.  So, Why not include her?


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