Lebron James Opens “I Promise” School

Lebron James has done more than enough to solidify himself as an all time great on the  court, but over the summer he did something to add to his legacy off. On July 30, James opened his new “I Promise” school for 3rd and 4th grade kids in his home town of Akron, Ohio. The school will continue to add more grades each year until it offers 1st until 8th grade. James opens this new school months after he was told to “Shut up and dribble” by a reporter on Fox News.

Image result for lebron james i promise
James at the opening of his I Promise school.

The school offers many things for it’s students. There is breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks which are available to everyone, as well as an on-site food bank for parents to choose foods that they can prepare at their homes. Students will be given a bicycle so they can explore Akron, like James did during his youth. The school also has a fitness trainer, services to help students with stress, and offers job placement assistance to help with parents who are struggling to support their kids. Upon graduation, all students will get a full scholarship to the university of Akron covered completely by James.

This is just another example of James’ charitable work over his career, showing that he can and will do more than just “shut up and dribble”. Lebron James is a prime example of how professional athletes are able to help change the world in a positive way.

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