Russian Doping

One of the biggest examples of deviance was seen in the last Olympics where the Russians weren’t able to compete because of their government lead systematic doping problems. The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) banned all Russian athletes from competing under the Russian flag. However, Russian athletes deemed clean could compete under an international flag. Many thought this would continue onto the next Olympics, but, WADA recently came out and said Russians would be allowed to compete in the next Olympics. Under the Russians and WADA new deal, the Russians just needed to hand over more data and samples that would further prove their doping.

This new deal and Russian’s being allowed to compete in the next Olympics caused a lot of uproar and outrage, as the punishment seemed very small for a very serious issue. This new deal also undermines a lot of fair athletes, as the punishment the Russians received for systemic doping was essentially just missing one Olympic Game, something that may be perceived as just a slap on the wrist. Many whistleblowers also risked their career and lives to expose Russian doping, only to see little penalties handed out. Jim Walden the attorney for a Moscow Lab director who helped expose the scheme said: “WADA’s decision to reinstate Russia represents the greatest treachery against clean athletes in Olympic history”.

WADA has also come under scrutiny for their inability to stop the doping in the first place. The International Sports Law Journal came out with an article discussing how WADA needs to change their practices to ensure doping at this magnitude never happens again. In particular, WADA needs to be less reliant on countries performing doping testing for their athletes.

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