Will Coca-Cola’s Campaign Be A Slam Dunk?

Coca-Cola has recently launched a new ad campaign about spreading awareness for their 100% recyclable bottles – which are also made up of 25% recycled plastic! This new ad campaign is based around the hashtag #CokeDunks which is meant to be encouraging people to be creative and post their own ways to recycle Coca-Cola bottles in style. This idea is being led on social media by some celebrity endorsements to get the hype building. One celebrity endorsement has been demonstrated already: Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson recently posted a video doing a back tuck before slam dunking his coke bottle into a recycling bin, and if his past is any indicator, there will be more cool videos to follow. Freestyle basketball player Tom Connors is another one of the celebrities who is endorsed by Coca-Cola to help spread the word about this campaign when it launched on September 15th.

So, why has Coca-Cola chosen both now, and in the past to endorse celebrities? As mentioned in the paper “Celebrity Endorsement: An Effective Marketing Tool”, celebrities are used for a few reasons, they can be associated with a product, which helps people remember that product and making them more likely to purchase it. Another reason being that “celebrities can have a major impact on brand image – good or bad, and celebrities have been shown to increase sales for brands they are associated with” (Amishi Arora; Khushbu Sahu – 2013).