From Madrid to Juventus

Whether it was a long time coming or not, the deal has been locked in for Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer from Real Madrid to Juventus. After 9 successful years, Ronaldo decides to hang up the white jersey that has held so many memorable moments, including multiple titles giving him the tag of the world’s best soccer player. After winning the championship title with Madrid last spring, Ronaldo said something that perked the ears of the media, saying it had been beautiful playing for Madrid. Then, rumours and numbers were released. The all-star football player wanted more money, an increase in his salary, but the president of Real Madrid didn’t entertain the idea. So, when Juventus offered Ronaldo a salary of 100 million euros, the deal was said and done. It could’ve been the fact that Ronaldo and then-coach Zinedine Zidane couldn’t see eye to eye, or the fact that Ronaldo felt he wasn’t seen as being “indispensable” any longer. But in the end, it just looks as if Ronaldo was just chasing the biggest pay check.

This situation coincides with a “win at all costs” mentality. Ronaldo knows he is the best player, and wants to be paid accordingly. So switching teams, although his time might have already been up, shows that chasing his dream of being the best, and being paid the best will come true. Underlying factors to this switch impact his family, and his fans. Now comes the question: will his fans still follow him, or will they stay loyal to the near and dear team of Madrid? This is a perfect example of the social phenomenons seen in sport, when looking at reactions of his family, fans, teammates, coaches, etc. Because sport does give special meaning to peoples’ lives.

Ronaldo transferring to Juventus also shows a connection with conflict theory. This theory focuses on economic inequality and how economic factors shape social relations; viewing sport as a mass distraction controlled by wealth accumulation intent on maximizing financial profits. I think this is exactly what is happening in Ronaldo’s case, chasing money to be the most powerful, the most wealthy, the most desirable football player there ever was.

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