Gambling in Sports

The NHL has recently signed an agreement with MGM sports to increase gambling in NHL hockey games. The NHL has agreed to share their data, which includes puck and player tracking. This will allow sports gamblers to look at more information and have a better user interface.

The NHL won’t receive any profits from the agreement, however, the NHL hopes there will be an increase in viewership and interest in hockey. It is estimated that sports gambling could increase revenue by around $200 million. This is unlike the NBA where MGM gives them an integrity fee for their information.

This agreement, however, raises questions as to whether gambling should have a place in sports. There is always a worry of players or coaches purposely throwing sports games in order to make a profit. This has happened in other sports such as tennis with players being paid to beat or lose to players by a certain amount of points. It happened in baseball with manager Pete Rose, who would bet on his team. Rose would be a guaranteed hall of famer but is not in the Hall of Fame because of his gambling. Sports gambling can be very addictive and people are proven to lose a lot of money with gambling. For example, people lose on average 71% of their bet. Time will only tell whether an increase in sports gambling is good for sports.

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