Sexist TV Coverage of Sport

Equal rights in sport has been an issue for a long time. Since the beginning of sport there has been a number of issues that have come and been resolved and others just fade out of the spotlight but remain an issue today. An example on coverage of women sport on TV.

A group from University of Southern California states that even though women’s sports are taken more seriously today, during broadcast it is on the side and not paid attention to. They found that on an LA based broadcast women’s sport was only covered 3.5% of the time compared to 5% in 1989. Popular sports network ESPN has only broadcast women sports 2% of the time annually consistently since 1999. This shows that there has been no progress made towards equality in terms of the TV coverage in sport and has been acknowledged as an issue for a while.

In conclusion women’s sport is still unfairly broadcast in comparison to the men as demonstrated by the low rates of broadcast. There is no doubt that there is are low broadcast rates for women and sexism in women’s sport on TV.

Featured image of Eugenie Bouchard when asked to twirl after winning match


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