Humboldt Broncos: An International Tragedy

On the evening of April 6, 2018, countless lives were changed forever. A bus carrying twenty-nine passengers which included the Humboldt Broncos hockey team, coaches, and trainer, collided with a semi-trailer truck along highway 335 in Saskatchewan. The aftermath of this accident was devastating, sixteen occupant fatalities and thirteen severely injured. This made it the deadliest bus accident involving a sports team in Canadian history. Those who arrived on the scene were horrified. One EMS responder stated:

My first impression was this is the biggest thing I’ve seen in 32 years. I’ve never been in the military, never been to war, but this is what I pictured it as.

Image result for The Broncos before the fatal crash
The Broncos before the fatal crash

The severity of the accident impacted not only the nation, but the entire world. Soon after the accident,  a Go Fund Me page was started, it raised fifteen million dollars in just a week. Consequently making in the highest grossing Go Fund Me page of all time. Across the world, children in China were wearing Jerseys in support of the boys who lost their lives. Trending on social media for weeks was #putyourstickout, to raise awareness. It was made very clear that this accident impacted the lives of so many people around the world.

Sport related accidents have a much more profound and lasting impact then other news worthy accidents. This is likely due to how relatable these accidents are. Grandparents, parents, teenagers and young kids all over the world can all picture themselves or a loved one easily being in the same situation. This is not the first time a major accident has taken place involving a sports team. Ten years ago, the Bathurst High School basketball team was in a similar accident with a semi-trailer truck. Of the twelve occupants, there were eight fatalities and four serious injuries. There was a movie made about this accident due to the severity of the impact it had on the nation.

Image result for Paying tribute at the Broncos' arena
Paying tribute at the Broncos’ arena

The sports community is inarguably very tight knit, regardless of the many controversies that can be heard in the news. An accident like this hits home with every single member of the community. It brings everyone closer together, and reflect on how fortunate we are to have our health as well as make it home after every single competition and practice.


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