Taking Violence Out of Sports

A recent article states that the Japan Sports Agency is hoping to end college sports violence. This is an issue that the country has been dealing with in recent months. The article quotes Diachi Suzuki, the Sports Agency Chief as he announced, “I want schools to consider sport clubs as a part of their overall program, and through that improve their governance and ensure their compliance (with laws and regulations)”.

Violence is a large part of sports today,  as it gives a source of entertainment and excitement for spectators. Exchanging violence to put more importance on laws and regulations in college sports could cause a decrease in spectators and therefore a decrease in profits.

If, “Violence by athletes and sports fans will not be dramatically reduced until attitudes toward sports violence are negative” (Goldstein, p. 294) how will this transition of eliminating violence work for the Japan Sports Agency?

What is more important in the sports culture, violence or laws and regulations? What will happen if the Japan Sports Agency eradicates violence in college sports?

There’s a lot of factors that could be affected by this change in college sports.

Book: Sports, Games, and Play: Social and Psychological Viewpoints. By Jeffrey H. Goldstein (1989)

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