Will the Schooners Sink Again in Halifax?

The probability that the new Canadian Football League’s (CFL) expansion team will go to Halifax, Nova Scotia is increasing each day. Halifax is a city that is known for its harbour and east coast culture. And, a shiny new CFL team may be a good addition to the mix. However, a question remains, who’s paying?

A new CFL team will require a new stadium in the city. And with such a small amount of games per season, season tickets sure won’t be enough to initiate construction, let alone sustain the stadium. Nova Scotia’s Premier even said that no general government tax revenue will be used in the construction of the stadium. That is great, but what about the creation of new taxes in order to pay for the stadium instead?

In the past, it was common practice for governments to create new taxes on tobacco, rental cars, sales , etc… in order to pay off the debt that a brand new stadium causes.

Will the city of Halifax and the province of Nova Scotia be okay with these increased costs for a sports team? It will be interesting to see if the social benefit of a new CFL team will outweigh the costs on the pocketbooks of Nova Scotians.


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