Professional Teams Have the Power to Lift People Up

Sports teams have an incredible, unique way of making a positive impact on society. Whether it’s helping children, communities, or charities, sports teams can make significant difference on a daily basis. An example of team and player foundations raising money for worthy causes, is the New Orleans Saints helping with Helmets 4 Helmets. 6-year-old Bryson Thompson has been living with severe epilepsy. He had to start wearing a protective helmet to keep him safe. This helmet was very symbolic to Bryson as he believed it made him look like a football player. Football is Bryson’s passion.

The Thompson family created a worldwide project called Helmets 4 Helmets, to help kids with cancer, special needs, and other disabilities. Players from different NFL teams are contributing to this project by sending helmets, signed jerseys, player cards, and other pieces of gear. This is a prime example of sport providing a platform for people to come together and support community projects.

Bryson had an opportunity to go to a Saints practice and meet the players. Midway through the practice he had a seizure. One of the Saint’s players took the time to come off the field from practicing to give him a football. Bryson’s mom explained  that a professional player taking 10 seconds of their time can make a huge impact on someone’s day.

Sports teams truly offer inspirational stories, which can be further explored from a sociologist perspective to understand how sports impact society. 


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