Future WNBA Star Credits Mom for her Success

Kelani Brown, current Baylor star post player, and daughter of a 15-year NBA veteran, credits her mother, a former college player, Dee Brown, more for helping her develop her dominant style of play.

Last season, Brown posted impressive averages of 20.1 points and 10.2 rebounds per game, while shooting an astounding 67.9 percent from the floor, which qualifies for second in the nation and a Baylor record. Currently, half way through her senior year, Brown is averaging 15.2 points and 7.3 rebounds game.

As a child, Brown remembers how involved her mother was in all of her basketball endeavours as her father was busy balancing the daily duties of a busy schedule with that of having a family. While she was growing up, it was her mom, not her dad, that was at home with Brown improving her game. In the years prior to arriving at Baylor, her mother served as an assistant coach with her high school team, as well as head coach of her AAU team. This is, of course, different than what is typically expected from mother-daughter relationship, with mothers usually filling a more supportive, emotional role.

Naturally, having these two roles (parent and coach) so closely intertwined can be difficult for both parties involved and Brown and her mom’s relationship is no different. Dee Brown states that at first it was difficult for her to let go of the coach role she was accustomed to filling, but when Brown would call home during her freshman year, she was just looking for her mom, not her coach. And when Brown needed her most, after a disappointing performance against Stanford, her mom was there for her.

From all accounts it seems as if Dee Brown has been able to navigate the difficult position of parent and coach quiet impressively. Perhaps it was her own experience as a college basketball player that has allowed for the almost seamless transition. Or maybe it was her own experiences as a daughter in sport and the relationship with her parents which she drew on to handle the situation. Regardless, it appears like Brown’s future is in good hands.


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