Men and women in sport have historically been divided based on their gender, and how their gender is socially perceived by society. With this divide, athletes are typically treated by others based on their expressed gendered norms and identities. These gendered differences are apparent in every aspect of an athlete’s success within their sport. From athletic wear to body image,  sports coverage relating to gender greatly influences the social response towards athletes. Media coverage is currently a main topic within societal discourse, which is under scrutiny for their projected gendered ideals, and how this coverage is rooted in historical ideals regarding gender and sport. The media is so blatantly, and boldly, creating a gendered divide through gendered and largely discriminatory coverage of athletes. When discussing post game interviews, the questions that are being presented to the athletes are not solely, if at all, based on their performance but rather on their gender.

Movements such as #covertheathlete and #askmemore, are bringing to light the ways society needs to alter their understanding of gender within sport and focus on the successes of the individuals.  A video that was created by the #covertheathlete focuses on the absurdity of the questions that are usually asked to successful female athletes, to male athletes and their responses. Upon watching the film, the male athletes being interviewed are baffled by the questions and refuse to answer; why are these same questions considered to be acceptable to ask women, when male athletes find them ridiculous? This is unlikely to be changed without both genders’ acknowledgment of the absurdity of this form of pervasive media coverage.


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