Diversity in the AAF

There is a new football league around, the Alliance of American Football (AAF). The league’s inaugural kickoff was on February 9th, 2019. There is hope that this league will act as a complement to the NFL. The AAF is committed to increasing diversity in the sport. This involves not only hiring minorities in coaching positions but females as well.

Currently, the league has three female coaches, all who have interned in the NFL in the past. The most well-known of the group is Jen Welter who was the first female to have a position as a coaching intern when she was the inside linebackers coach of the Arizona Cardinals during the 2015 preseason.

This is a huge step with getting females involved in the sport. Young girls now have someone that they can look up to and dream to be one day. Welter hopes that more females will want to become involved in the sport after seeing her and the other coaches in the AAF. She recognizes that she and the other female coaches are role models.

For more information on how females are underrepresented in coaching roles for both male and female teams, see this article.

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