Racism at Quebec Hockey Game

In Quebec two weeks ago, there was an incident at a hockey game where a player and his family were taunted by racist fans. Jonathan Diaby, who plays for the Marquis de Jonquiere, was called the N-word and shown photos of, and compared to, a baboon by a fan of the opposing team.

His family and friends who were in the stands watching were also taunted by the fans. They were asked by security to move sections to stop the commotion. It is disappointing that Diaby’s family was asked to move in order to diffuse the situation, instead of the racist fans being asked to leave. As a result of the incident, Diaby and his family chose to leave the arena before the end of the game.

Fan hurling racist slurs at Diaby while he was in the penalty box. (CBC)

Unfortunately, racism is nothing new to hockey or sports in general, something that has been demonstrated numerous times in the past towards NHL player P.K. Subban. Hockey fans have tweeted racial slurs at Subban as well as often throwing things at him while he is on the ice.

Many, including Subban, have voiced outrage at the incident and have shown support for Diaby. Hopefully the widespread media coverage of this incident will start to raise awareness that racism is still occuring today in sports, and more can be done to prevent it.

Featured image: JONATHAN DIABY (CP)


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