Show Them What Crazy Can Do: Nike Strikes Again

Gender roles in sport have been a frequent topic of discussion over the last few decades. Women are faced with significant adversity in their professions, and their athletic endeavours are no different. For years, women have striven to achieve equality and recognition. Athletic clothing brand Nike decided to become an influencer within the cause.

On February 24th, 2019, Nike release a new campaign ad narrated by American professional tennis player Serena Williams. The title of the ad “Dream Crazier” is in reference to the major issues in sports that women face in this generation. Topics included consist of: “Women athletes that show emotion are dramatic”, ” Those who get angry are hysterical”, “Women who dream of equality are delusional”, and most importantly: “Females who strive for success and reward are deemed crazy”. It is no secret that female athletes are not treated with the same respect as male athletes, but people seem to forget that women do not play sports to impress others around them, especially men. Female athletes play their sports to fulfill their personal passions and to empower other women to be strong and confident like themselves. Nike has acknowledged this fact and saw an opportunity to use this ad to become a supporter of the revolution.

Watch “Dream Crazier” here.

More insight on women athletes and issues in the sporting world can be found here.

This is not the first time that Nike has campaigned for issues that may be controversial. On September 8th, 2019, Nike released the prequel ad to “Dream Crazier” called “Dream Crazy” narrated by Colin Kaepernick and depicted the hardships and struggles of all athletes, but with an emphasis on African-American athletes. This ad was consequential for Nike as they chose Colin Kaepernick to be the face due to his public disgrace for kneeling during the national anthem during his NFL games. If all athletic corporations faced these issues head on, perhaps we may finally see some change.


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