The Gender Deficit In Sport

Within sport, there are important life lessons like how to take defeat or how to be victorious. There is also joy and new friends to be found within sport. The sad truth is that there is a known inequality when it comes to women and their access to sport. In an article by CBC, the tales of many successful women in sport shed light on the topic. These women have achieved success in the male dominated sporting realm, have made large contributions to their nations identity, and have managed to simultaneously give back to their communities.

The CBC article mentions how the sporting world has increased the number of opportunities available for women and how there has been an increased level of participation. But it is far from total equality. There must be change in the sporting world that gives more girls and women the equal chance to participate. Sport has the ability to provide valuable aspects of life and when provided at an equal opportunity to women, enables a sense of empowerment and further a sense of “control over their lives.” It is also recognized that with the physical aspect of sport and with its increasing availability to women, this opportunity may increase women’s understanding of their bodily potential. Sport has the potential for many benefits, but when there is a lack of access to a population, those benefits are ultimately denied.

Recently, the LA Kings hosted a gender equality night which is beneficial to fighting the issue, but more light must be shed for society to fully understand the deficit women face in sport, and, ultimately, make a shift towards equality.

FEATURED IMAGE: Canadian Gold Medallist and Ambassador for Special Olympics Canada, Catriona Le May Doan


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