Money Manziel No Longer In CFL

It appears that the Johnny Manziel experiment in the CFL has ended after banning the American Quarterback from the CFL. It was laid out in Manziel’s CFL contract that there was a list of rules the Quarterback would have to follow when under contract in the CFL.

Manziel played this last season with the Montreal Alouettes after being traded earlier in the season following his initial CFL signing with his contract with the Hamilton Tiger Cats. In his season with the Alouettes, the former Heisman Trophy winner did not have the greatest of season. He was only able to complete 106 of his 165 passing attempts while also having a total completion yards of almost 1300 yards. The Alouettes were also unable to make the playoffs.

Johnny Manziel (AP)

Although, at this time, it is unknown what happened with the former Cleveland Brown first overall draft pick, if it involves a form of negative deviance by the quarterback, it would be nothing new for this former college star: In 2016, the quarterback went under investigation for potential domestic violence case involving his girlfriend–the charge was later dismissed.

The future is unclear for Johnny Manziel regarding where he will play next, but most see that he has potential to be taken in again by one of the two new football leagues that are coming into the sports scene in the next two years; these new coming leagues include the Alliance of America Football League and the XFL which plans to kick off next year.


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