Canada’s 15 Year Plan: Gender Equity in Sport

Kirsty Duncan, Canadian Minister of Science and Sport, announced that over the next four years, the Canadian government will be providing $3 million of funding to the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS). CAAWS aims to use this funding to support leadership and participation initiatives, and support the government develop gender equity action plans.

A goal of this movement is to increase sport adherence among girls and women, as rates of participation tend to drop in adolescence. Establishing more programming will hopefully encourage women to remain active for life and serve as strong and powerful female role models.

A display of Canadian identity in sport – Fans wave flags during the third period of the preliminary round of the women’s hockey game between Canada and Finland at the 2018 Winter Olympics (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Gender equity has long been considered as a goal, but has failed to make significant waves for change. In areas where women feel supported, it has been shown that there is a surge in leadership and advancement. With such a large portion of Canadian identity being wrapped up in sport, it seems to be a logical step that a move towards bridging the gender gap would occur at the national level. The goal for Canada, mentioned by Minister Duncan, is to achieve gender equity in sport by 2035.

“Today’s announcement is another step toward that, and we’ll continue to work with our provincial and territorial governments, as well as sport organizations and athletes, to make Canadian sport more welcoming and accessible to girls and women.”

Minister Kirsty Duncan during the press release on the announcement.
Featured Image: Minister Kirsty Duncan with Team Canada’s Kim Boutin. (Justin Tang/The Canadian Press).


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