Breakdancing is the New Olympic Sport

Recently CBC published an article: “Breakdancing makes next move to olympics status at Paris 2024”. The article reveals that the 2020 Tokyo olympics will be hosting new sports such as climbing, skateboarding, and surfing as medal events. The International Olympic Committee executive board is planning for the future and is intending to incorporate breakdancing as a medal event in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

According to author Paul Irlinger, broadcasting sports through the media is very beneficial for expanding sport participation and following. Historically, sport has been an effective way to get people to unite and come together. Allowing sport to be broadcast through international sports channels decreases separation between cultures. Research suggests that people who watch sports televised on T.V. are more likely to practice that sport. For example, when a child watches an Olympic hockey game on T.V., they are more likely to practice hockey with their peers.

With that being said, once the Olympics begin broadcasting the new medal events at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2024 Paris Olympics, we may expect an increase in climbing, skate boarding, surfing, and, eventually, breakdancing.


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