NCAA’s ‘Free Wifi’ Not Going to Cut It

It is not secret that the NCAA is an incredibly run organization and highly profitable to say the least. With a reported revenue of over $1 billion, one would expect the 18-25 year old college athletes employed by the NCAA to be making substantial amounts of money, though this is quite the opposite of reality. Although rationalized by the NCAA through full scholarships, living arrangements, and meal-hall swipes, the players responsible for bringing in massive amounts of profit to an arguably corrupted organization receive no pay for their labour whatsoever.

Annually, in the month of march,
the college basketball playoffs, one of the most watched televised events known as March Madness, always and reliably tends to bring more attention to the NCAA. Recently, many viewers took to Twitter to respond to a tweet from Inside the NCAA reading: “The NCAA provides free wi-fi to student-athletes at all of the team hotels during the DI men’s basketball championship.” The tweet sparked conversation about the unjust treatment of players, sparking comments like: “Coffee shops offer free wifi. The TV contract is 19.1 Billion. Pay your athletes.” A similar event happened in 2016, creating similar dialogue between social media and the NCAA accounts and their supporters.

Several professional athletes took it upon themselves to ‘roast’ the NCAA tweet

The fact is that questions are often raised about the NCAA and their questionable decisions to not pay players, as it seems nothing is truly ever done about this issue. It appears as though their position of power is so significant that there is no chance they will ever change their methods, continuing to exploit athletes and essentially use them as free labour in order to benefit their company. Although the case for paying these athletes has been gaining momentum, it seems as though no one can do anything about it.


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