IOC Threatens to Ban Weightlifting

Over 100 athletes have been caught for doping since further testing has been done for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics. After discovering the 50 cases within the sport of weightlifting, the IOC put weightlifting under review in 2017 and threatened to remove it from the games by 2024, because the amount of doping was getting out of control.

A CBC article talks about two-time Olympic gold medalist from Taiwan, Hsu Shu-Ching who, after receiving the news of testing positive apologized publicly, resigned from a coaching job, returned her medal, and is willing to accept her punishment for her actions, although it is uncertain what the punishment will be. Doping is a large problem in weightlifting because smaller countries such as Taiwan are usually unable to compete with much larger countries such as China, Russia, and the USA; this then causes them to look for an alternative way to make it to their level by doping. This goes to show that countries feel the need to use performance enhancing drugs because of their size making them unable to compete at the same level as large countries.

The IOC also stated that it will continue to retest its samples for the 2012 Olympics until the statute of limitations applies next year. The goal of the IOC is to ensure fair game play at the Olympics for everyone. Therefore, the IOC was willing to remove weightlifting from the games, but they now believe that reforms are being made in the sport and have lifted the threat and are just planning to continue testing all participants.

Featured image:
Colombian Weightlifter Oscar Figueroa. (Getty Images)


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