This article discusses the on-going problem of racist fans discriminating against athletes. It points out a specific case where a fan was put on a two-years ban for mouthing racist comments at a black athlete during a game. Attending sporting events live is a much different experience than sitting at home and watching the event on TV. This is an experience that should be positive for everyone there to cheer for their team and involved in the live action of the game. Racism during a game not only violates the fan code of conduct, but also creates a negative experience for the teams and other fans.

When a fan feels so passionate about one team and that team’s success, they feel untouchable. This is where making racial comments at the opposing teams players becomes an issue with some fans. In the NBA, this is not only an issue with fans, racial discrimination in sport can come from coaches, players and administration.

I feel that this racism in sport is an ongoing problem. While the concerned ‘authorities’ do a good job at banning those who are racist towards athletes, but it is still an issue that needs to continue being addressed.

Featured image: Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder seen here in an argument with a Utah Jazz fan. Westbrook said that the fan directed racist remarks at him from the stands. (CreditCreditRick Bowmer/Associated Press)