A Dream to Bridge the Gap

There are visible pay gaps between men and women in all aspects of the professional world but it can be seen more publicly in the setting of professional sport. Female hockey players are unable to live off the wages they make playing professionally while their male counterparts are considered wealthy upper class. When the Canadian Women’s Hockey League folded in 2019 the top 200 female players set out to be the leaders of a new revolution. They went against the socialization norms of being quiet and respectful women who should just be happy to have a place to play to women fighting for equal pay and the women’s right to choose hockey as a viable career path. These 200 women made to decision to sit out the regular season NWHL games and instead organize The Dream Gap Tour. The Dream Gap Tour is designed to show how viable and profitable women’s hockey can be.

Dream Gap Tour Logo for the upcoming 2019-2020 tournament (PWHPA Dream Gap Tour Website)

These women are setting a precedent for young players across North America that if you want to lead you must do it by example and that doesn’t always mean following what society tells you to do. It is so important for young women players to have role models that they can look up to and identify with in their sporting communities.


Featured Image: Kali Flanagan(6) and Natalie Spooner (24) two players expected to participate in the Dream Gap Tour ( Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

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