CBS Faces Backlash after Mishandling Tweet about USA Soccer Star Julie Ertz

Julie Ertz is an 27 year-old soccer player and was named to the USA national women’s soccer team in 2017 and that same year was name USA female soccer player of the year. She recently won the World Cup with the USA in June of 2019. With the recent media coverage around the World Cup, Julie Ertz received her fair share as a top player in the world. CBS, however, refused to use her name and tweeted that “Eagle tight end Zach Ertz leaves training camp to watch wife in World Cup”. Despite the immense success Julie Ertz has experience as a soccer player, CBS used her husband’s name because he plays in the NFL. They likely thought the tweet would get more attention using a professional male athletes name rather than the professional female athlete the topic was actually about. CBS received many replies with people upset and disappointed, many criticizing the tweet for misogyny.

Image result for julie ertz and zach ertz world cup
Julie Ertz takes a selfie with husband Zach Ertz after winning the World Cup
(Source: Zach Ertz instagram)

Despite coverage of female sports improving, there is still a very long way to go. Team USA was fighting the entire World Cup for equal pay with the USA men’s soccer team despite the women’s team seeing much more success. This imbalance between men’s and women’s coverage and equality in sport is still clearly evident in today’s sport world. And CBS did not help the issue.


Featured image: Julie Ertz celebrates after winning the 2019 FIFA Woman’s World Cup in Lyon, France. (Source: David Aliaga—MB Media/Getty Images)

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