The Record Breaking 12th Victory

Allyson Felix, Olympic sprinter from the United States, is now a new world record holder, surpassing Usain Bolt, often referred as the world’s fastest man. Felix won her 12th gold medal at the 2019 track and field world championships while competing with her mix-gendered 4×400 relay team.

What makes this championship win stand out even more is the she was able to do it just 10 moths after delivering a baby via c-section at only 32 weeks. Just before her baby was born, Felix struggled with a condition know as preeclampsia, which causes high blood pressure. She found herself in the neonatal intensive care unit, awaiting her turn to return back home.

“Oftentimes I would head down to get lunch and find myself in the elevator with a family getting discharged and being in tears hoping our day was coming soon”

-Allyson Felix
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The new mom found herself, alongside with other high status female athletes-Alysia Montaño, Kara Goucher and Phoebe Wright, coming together and creating a high profile movement towards Nike getting them to change its policy. Now, women should not be financially impacted during their pregnancy. The allotted time became 18 months, which is six months more than it previously was.

Going from the neonatal intensive care unit to getting Nike to change their policy, and becoming a new world record holder, Felix showed great determination and work ethic. Having a child doesn’t mean that she should sacrifice pursing her sport. Felix had a newborn and that didn’t stop her from continuing to be an elite athlete. She showed the world that with putting in the work you are able to surpass anything and come out on top and a stronger person because of it.

Featured image: Allyson Felix (source: Getty Images)


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