Mike Babcock Exposed After Being Fired

After five years of coaching the Toronto Maple Leafs, Mike Babcock has been replaced by new head coach, Sheldon Keefe. Babcock was able to take the leafs to playoffs three times but could never get them past the first round. The general manager of the team, Kyle Dubas decided it was time to make a change for the better.

After Babcock’s firing, it was revealed in an interview with right winger Mitch Marner, that Babcock had a meeting with him when he was a rookie, asking him for a favour. The favour was a request for Marner to list each individual team member’s work ethic from highest to lowest. Since it was Marner’s first year, he didn’t really know what to think about the request, until the list was revealed to the entire team by Babcock. To Marner’s relief, his teammates backed him up in this time of confusion and tackled the problem together.

Mitch Marner reveals his story about Babcock. (Source: Paul Daly/The Canadian Press)

Moving forward, this could potentially pose problems with Marner and his new coach, Keefe. Babcock basically skewered Marner, possibly causing him controversy with his new teammates. This is a form of hazing, even if Babcock did not realize it, and it needs to be addressed. There are a lot more incidents of this type that occur on sports teams. This outing re-enforces the behind-the-scenes politics of the game, and how it can affect the players on the team.


Featured image: Mike Babcock wearing full Toronto Maple Leafs tracksuit (Source: Damien Cox/THESTAR)

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