Farewell, Women’s Hockey

Another opportunity for women in sport closed due to the cancellation of theCanadian Women’s Hockey League on May 1st, 2019. The CWHL board of directors was quoted during the announcement of the league shutting down that,  “the business model has proven to be economically unsustainable.” Elite women’s sport haven’t been around as long as men’s leagues, making it easy to see why programs may be shutting down. But when we really think about societal changes in the few couple years it can be hard to understand why funding just isn’t there yet. Comparing men’s sports media coverage, merchandise, and playing opportunities to women’s sport is gender biased. It is very easy to see how women’s sports are being misstreated and discriminated.

Women’s Montreal Canadiens group huddle around goalie (source: Michelle Jay, Ice Garden)

Gender should not determine the level of sport you can play. It is important for society to create equal opportunities for every individual to express their skill and talent. Supporting those who may not have access to fair funding can help lead to a sustainable budget and successful program.


Featured Image: Calgary Inferno’s Zoe Hickel (left) and Tori Hickel celebrate with the trophy (source: National Post)

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