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20th U SPORTS Women’s Rugby Championship: X-Women in search of second straight Monilex Trophy (source: U Sports)

Statistically girls’ physical activity levels drop compared to boys. In a time of social media and omnipresent technology, sedentary behaviours are a significant concern. Promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle should be a top priority. Yet, when it comes to women, society tends to paint an unrealistic picture of beauty. Many prefer women to stick to certain realms of sport and have an underlying message that to run, throw, and hit like a girl is not an ideal trait. Traditionally, women did not grow up playing contact sports and some media has shown concern stating that women’s bodies may not be ready for contact sport. However, Jaydon Brady, an amateur footy player believes that the health benefits of contact sports outweigh the risks of injury, stating that “everything you do comes with risk, you can hurt yourself doing anything really.”

The issue here is not women playing contact sports, it is the lack of support and resources for them to do so. The risk of injury should not make women or anyone shy away from playing a sport when it has shown to have major benefits for women who played contact sports. Compared to their male counterparts, there is a notable lack of funding and support for women and this is where the real problem lies. If we provide women with adequate facilities and trained professional coaching staff, we can work on training to reduce injury, and ensure they are getting the most from their sport.


Feature Image: of #LikeAGirl campaign (source: Always)

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