Justin Lawrence: One Strike and You’re Out with PEDs

Justin Lawrence, a pitcher in the Colorado Rockies farm system, was handed an 80 game suspension as a result of testing positively for a substance which is banned by Major League Baseball. Lawrence, who is 25 and had been placed on the Rockies 40-man roster before last season, is an up and coming pitch who was looking to crack the major league roster this upcoming spring. He will now have a longer off-season compared to his teammates as his suspension begins the first day of the regular season. Lawrence has yet to crack the major league roster or even make an appearance in a major league game.

Lawrence’s scandal comes in the light of a very controversial off-season for the MLB, which includes the Houston Astros being proven guilty for using technology to steal signs from their opposition while playing games at home.

Image result for justin lawrence baseball"
Justin Lawrence (Source: Getty Images)

I believe that there is an internal pressure for Lawrence to over conform, such as Outram & Stewart examined, as he is at an age where it is make or break for his career. Being 25 years old and having not quite made his major league debut, Lawrence is on the cusp of potentially being forgotten and left in the past in the depth chart of the Rockies’ pitchers. The team has been signing young-talented arms to join the organization, therefore the time is now for Lawrence to step up before he is replaced. It is understandable that Lawrence would be trying to prep his body to endure a very long season and hopefully push into the fight for a major league roster spot.


Featured Image: Lawrence delivering a pitch (Source: MLB Rumors)

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