Maple Leafs Player Auston Matthews Video Chats with Sick Children

Auston Matthews, player of the Toronto Maple Leafs, performed a good deed for the sick children patients at The Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids) located in Toronto, Ontario. Matthews decided to shock the children with a video chat in order to speak with the children and as well as answer any kinds of questions they may have had. This kind of deed really would have brightened their days enormously, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Auston Matthews (34) waits for the puck to drop on a faceoff against Florida Panthers in the third period at Scotiabank Arena Feb 3, 2020;. Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY
Auston Matthews displaying a focused stare while on the ice (Source: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY)

Matthews video chatted with the sick children from his Scottsdale, Arizona home. On the video chat, there was a young boy, a man who had organized the video chat, and Auston Matthews. One girl by the name of Jade asked the hockey star two questions. The questions had ranged from what is your favourite thing to do to what is your favourite kind of food? The young girl also mentioned that her younger brother Brodie had open-heart surgery and is a very big fan of Matthews. Auston Matthews told Jade to tell Brodie that he says hi.

Matthews was not the only person who video chatted with any of the sick children. Some other very well-known individuals had video chatted with some sick children too. Johnathan Osorio, soccer player who plays for the Toronto FC, as well as Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut. This would have been a very memorable time for these children, as these individuals may be role models to them.

It is very unfortunate that these children and Matthews could not meet each other in person, but at least they were able to video chat. According to one sociological study, social media can in fact play a very large role in how fans meet athletes. Any time that a fan is wanting to meet an athlete, it is always in a managed place. It had also been found that the social media platform Twitter has played a role in the meeting between fans and athletes. Since Auston Matthews used video chatting as a way to communicate with his fans, especially during this horrific time of COVID-19, any kind of technology-based way of communicating between fans and athletes is a very good and positive idea, since fans are able to communicate with the athletes. This has indeed been a way to brighten the days for both fans and athletes alike.



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