Swimmer Sun Yang Prohibited for Eight Years Due to Doping

Sun Yang, a 28 year old Chinese swimmer, has now been prohibited for eight years due to doping. Yang had not properly followed the regulations relating to doping when a problem occurred concerning a canister of a blood tester that, with the use of a hammer, was destroyed. He will now no longer be able to attend the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Chinese swimmer Sun Yang has been banned for eight years
Sun Yang in the pool holding his fist up in victory after the completion of a race (Source: Getty)

Yang was the first ever Chinese male swimmer to receive world and Olympic competition gold medals for the 200 meters and 1,500 meters freestyle. The Court of Arbitration for Sport discovered that Sun Yang did not want to work with those who controlled the blood testers with the offence of the regulations that had been put into effect by FINA, the swimming’s ruling constitution. In September of 2018, Sun Yang was required to give a tester of blood at his home to the Swedish executives, but there was a problem. In evidence to the court, it appears that Yang’s mother was told by a security guard to destroy the cover of the blood tester using a hammer.

Yang will be prohibited from competing until February of 2028. Yang has faced many problems in the past regarding the use of drugs. At the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016, he was suspected in the use of drugs. In 2014, he was prohibited for three months, urged by the Chinese system, as a result of Sun Yang proving to be positive for a drug.

Sun Yang of China celebrates winning the gold medal in the men's 200-m freestyle on day 3 of the Olympic Games on Aug. 8, 2016, in Rio de Janeiro
Sun Yang after winning his gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016 (Source: Jean Catuffe – Getty Images)

With what took place, this incident can take place in any kind of sport, not just in swimming. According to one sociologic study, sociologists have examined and looked further into the prohibition of drugs within sports, such as doping. Sociologists have demonstrated that doping is not beneficial or healthy for athletes; it is considered to be fraud, it is humiliating, it hurts other athletes that do not dope, and more. Most questions surround how, over a period of time, doping has had an effect on athletes and how there needs to be more regulations implemented, most importantly for the health and safety of all athletes.



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