Young Star Giving Back to Community

Egor Sokolov, a 19-year-old from Yekaterinburg, Russia, is unable to return to his home until the COVID-19 pandemic passes. He has decided to make the most of his time giving back to his community. The teenager is spending his days helping the people of his adopted hometown of Sydney, Nova Scotia, who are in need.

He was the QMJHL’s leading goal scorer when the season was canceled and wanted to deliver goods off the ice as well. Sokolov has been picking up and delivering groceries to those who are not able to leave their house amid Coronavirus risks.

“I’m just picking them up and driving around to houses and leaving them on the front step,” says Sokolov. “It’s scary and I think people should take it serious. A lot of people are being infected in Europe and you don’t want to be in that situation and I think people should stay home.”

Sokolov most likely would have reached 50 goals for the Eagles if he got to finish his final season in Cape Breton. The young star is a prospect for the NHL draft this year, after getting passed on the past two years.

Sokolov adjusting to life on and off the ice with Screaming Eagles ...
Egor Sokolov adjusting to life on and off the ice with the Eagles (Source: Cape Breton Post)

Sokolov’s volunteer work has been incredible thus far, as he says he is turning his energy into a city that needs him.

Ashley Ryan, Sokolov’s billet, welcomed him into her home when he was 17; the player did not speak a word of English. Now, he has become an irreplaceable part of their family, and beloved in the community. It is great to see a young man taking initiative and becoming a great role model for kids in the community during times like these. His help is greatly appreciated throughout Sydney, Nova Scotia.

“We’re extremely proud,” says Ryan. “His hockey season and career here came to a halt; it’s great to see him reach out and help our family and the community.”

jake macdonald

Featured Image: Eagles’ Sokolov brings NHL training camp experience back to Cape Breton for QMJHL season (Cape Breton Post)

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