NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Continues the Push for Change

Caption: Wallace’s BLM car he ran earlier this season (Source: NASCAR)

Bubba Wallace, who is the only African American driver in the top series of NASCAR, faces an absurd amount of racism, and still has been the leading activist pushing for change in the sport. Through the past season alone, Wallace has helped with the ban of confederate flags and apparel, grown the Drive for Diversity effort, and has joined a team with a new owner Michael Jordan

Wallace has faced racism in the sport since he started racing. He has proven that he will not let it stop him. This tries to demonstrate that some fans believe that because Wallace is not white, he cannot drive as well and should be a less skilled driver. Wallace proves this wrong every week by outperforming several white drivers. As this article here shows, we can put critical race theory (CRT) to the test to work at and improve issues like the one Wallace faces. The backbone of CRT is that sport plays a role in culture and beliefs and that rings true in this situation. The older generation of fans have never seen the sport where a black man is successful and they are not adapting to the changes that are taking place in society. Wallace is challenging radical norms by being a successful driver who happens to be black. He is going to continue proving this with the addition of his new team and sponsors

As for what Wallace himself thinks of the racism, the video above from earlier in the season sums up what he is feeling about not only the racism he is facing but around the world. 

Aaron F 

Featured image: Wallace wearing a I Can’t Breath/BLM t-shirt surrounded by his fellow drivers (Source: Chris Graythen/Getty Image) 

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