Patrik Laine Trade Shows That Big NHL Trades Like This Are “Just Business”

The NHL is much more than just the game of hockey; it holds several business aspects to it as well that we may not see from a TV screen.  

In recent NHL news, Patrik Laine, one of the bigger names in the NHL, has been traded from the Winnipeg Jets to the Columbus Blue Jackets in return for another big name in the NHL, Pierre-Luc Dubois.  

The media spoke to players that have played alongside Laine for the Winnipeg Jets on how they feel about the big trade. One of these players being Nikolaj Ehlers who comments, “This is obviously the tough side of the business” […] “He’s a guy that I’ve had a really good relationship with since my second year, since his first year. We’ve been brothers since Day 1”. Laine also states on a Winnipeg Jets article titled, “Bond of Brothers” by in 2017 that, “Everything was new when I came here, but it’s been really good. The city is great, the people are nice and my teammates – Nikolaj, especially – have been really helpful. I’ve enjoyed it so much and am very grateful for how everyone has treated me here. It’s a great place to live, play hockey and make great friends like Niki”. 

What meanings are behind this? 

These comments made by Ehlers not only show us that these NHL players know that besides playing hockey, the NHL is simply a large and complex business, but they also know how to portray the proper emotions over social media. Comments like these can be seen as very downhearted for an individual, knowing that you can become so close with someone in a sport you love, just to have the chance of losing such an amazing bond/friendship in an instant. 

Kyle Bryden

Featured: Patrik Laine celebrates his second period goal against the Colorado Avalanche with Nikolaj Ehlers on December 18, 2016 in Winnipeg (Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images) 

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