Concerns for the Buccaneers Super Bowl Crowd Celebrations During Pandemic

On February 7, 2020 Tampa Bay took home the Super Bowl Championships; The Buccaneers celebrated this victory with what is known as a “Boat Parade” in the Hillsborough River which massively alarmed the public with COVID-19 precautions being violated throughout. Thousands of fans lined the river to support the Buccaneers including the four boats the team itself had. The Coaching staff were among the crowd as well. When it comes to major sports leagues, especially a win, it brings the whole community together. Thus, causing immense COVID violations in regard to the restrictions put in place by the governments of these states. 

Lombardi Trophy lifted by Seahawks coach in 2014

With the assumption regarding the Functionalist Theory, society is an organized system held together by a shared system of values. The norms of society throughout this win have made it out to be normal for the team and fans to celebrate this way, as it would’ve before  COVID -19 struck. Quarterback Tom Brady was mainly seen celebrating and had also replied to tweets with “nothing to see here.” As video footage of him was released mask-less and intoxicated.

Chief operating officer of the Buccaneers, Brian Ford said in a video announcement “it is essential to do it the right way,” Ford also said “we want to do our part to ensure it is done in a safe and responsible manner.” 

Sociologist have taken a closer look as to the passion of sports fans and how society has shaped the importance of sport and the community it has built; Robert J. Vallerand wrote and focused on this topic and the major importance of these celebrations and how society thrives in the shared system of values relating particularly to sport.  

Macy M.

Featured Images: tight end Rob Gronkowski (87) in celebration boat parade (sources: DIRK SHADD | Tampa bay TIMES)

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