Former Toronto Raptor Jeremy Lin Called ‘Coronavirus’ on Court

Pro NBA player Jeremy Lin shared on social media recently that he had experienced an act of racism while on the court. Currently playing for the Warriors G League team in the Lake Buena Vista G league bubble venue, Lin released a heartfelt social media post without giving information on when or where exactly this took place. He said, “Being a 9 year NBA veteran doesn’t protect me from being called corona virus on the court”. Instead of calling someone out, Lin used his Facebook platform to spread awareness of the acts of racism that Asians have been experiencing. Lin is the first American born player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent in the NBA. He was born in the Southern California city of Torrance but grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. 

Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr weighing in on Jeremy Lin’s situation (Source: Ben Margot-AP Photo)

The NBA has responded to the evolving situation with a league spokesman confirming to the New York Times that a probe has been opened up. The number of violent attacks on Asian Americans has escalated recently in wake of the coronavirus. A former Coach of Lin’s, Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors, weighed in on the situation after seeing the Facebook post. “Just shocking”, Kerr said, adding “Really powerful. I applaud Jeremy for his words and echo his sentiments regarding racism against the Asian community”. 

This is a clear example of how racism truly exists against Asians in North America, even targeting NBA stars. The root of racism against the Asian American community has a long history and is proof that change is needed. All discriminatory instances no matter how big or small need to be addressed quickly and appropriately. 


Featured image: Jeremy Lin in the G League (Source: Juan Ocampo-Getty Images)

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