US President Moves to Give Transgender Athletes a Chance to Play

Sport should be accessible for all, no matter age, geography, economic statis or even gender, but officials in the United States do not quite agree. There are 42 bills in 25 states currently posing the law that transgender women and girls be banned from competing in sport against fellow girls.  

Transgender athlete Hannah Mouncey playing in the AFLW (Source: Darrian Traynor)

President Joe Biden does not agree with these bills and in his first day of office signed an executive order to ban discrimination against transgender athletes in playing their sports of choice. This is a huge step as it shows transgender kids that they can play sports and enjoy their youth without any boundaries and can partake in all the activities that they love to do. 

In competitive sports there is still some discrimination, but it is only due to the unfair advantage recently transgender people may possess. In the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) trans women must suppress their testosterone for at least one year before competing on women’s teams for one example. To compete in the Olympics though, as long as trans women athletes’ testosterone remains below a certain level for at least a year, they can compete. If we continue down this road, the number of transgender people that take up sport will only grow larger and larger so that everyone who wants to try sports will have an equal chance. 


Featured images: Joe Biden signing bill against discrimination of transgender people (Source: Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images) 

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