HuskieFAN App gives Full coverage of Female Hockey at U of Sask.

The University of Saskatchewan is taking major steps in broadcasting Women’s USPORT athletics. In September of 2021, the university partnered with  private broadcaster Pattison Media to help promote their female hockey program. For the first time in Canadian history, there will be full coverage of Women’s hockey at the university level thanks to an online platform called HuskieFAN.  

HuskieFAN, provides a digital hub where viewers can watch games live-streamed or on demand. Not only will this be the first of its kind at the University of Saskatchewan, but the first time in Canadian history that a University-level female sports team has received full media coverage. Huskies Chief of Athletics Shannon Chinn said: “To be able to follow our women’s hockey team at home, and on the road, is a huge step forward.” 

Huskies 2021-2022 Team Captain Bailee Bourassa with an attempt on goal against University of Regina (Source: Huskie Athletics)

Alongside female hockey players, female athletics in general are not equally represented in the media. Female athletes simply do not receive the same amount of publicity as male athletes do in our society, despite dedicating the same, if not more time towards their sport. Along with broadcasting female hockey, this online program allows for additional coverage of other female and male sports including wrestling, track and field, football, soccer and volleyball, which will allow for equal exposure of female and male athletes. 

Not only is this a huge step for the U. of Sask., but for collegiate athletics in Canada. The popularity and extensive media coverage of the NCAA has a large effect on recruiting high level athletes every year compared to Canada. With more media coverage on USPORTS athletics, this helps promote the talents within Canadian Universities. In turn, this can aid in bringing in more top-tier athletes to USPORTS.  

The University of Saskatchewan’s Huskies Women’s Hockey Team will play their first regular season game Friday October 22, 2022 against The Regina Cougars, and will be streamed live on the app. You can watch here.  

McKiya Mazur

Featured image: The University of Saskatchewan’s Huskies Women’s Hockey Team in their home rink (Source: @HuskiesWHKY/Twitter)  

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