Raiders Coach Resigns After Nonchalant Use of Hateful Language

Jon Gruden, head coach of Las Vegas Raiders football team, resigned to eliminate distraction caused by his derogatory comments. It was reported that Coach Gruden was known to  casually and frequently unleash misogynistic and homophobic language over the past several years. Gruden openly displayed his lack of support to those players who protested during the playing of the national anthem, criticized the emergence of women as referees, and vocalized his negative opinion on drafting a gay player.    

Gruden’s exposed messages included offensive language and homophobic slurs to attack the league’s commissioner, NFL owners, coaches, and journalists who cover the league. In Western cultures, sociologists have described sport as a cultural institution that assists in the shaping and defining of acceptable forms of masculinity. Societal patterns create a stereotypical male in sport and non-heterosexual males are generally ignored in part because they are portrayed in a negative light.    

NFL players taking a knee to protest police brutality against minorities, especially African Americans (NBC Sports)

Research has shown that men in more feminine sports have received significantly less media coverage and are often mocked with innuendo that they are gay. These studies have also reported a major bias in professional sport against independent or unattractive women, gay men, or men who lack desirable forms of masculinity. Potentially attributed to portray and construct orthodox masculinities.  

It is both disheartening and upsetting to see the prejudice and disrespect still prevalent within the NFL. Gruden is not the only past NFL coach to face these types of accusations. Bruce Allen, former coach, and president of the Washington team also fired by owner Daniel Snyder in 2019 after continuous negative conversations and offensive remarks. These two authoritative figures exchanged their opinions expressing homophobic, racist, and misogynistic language. However, Coach Gruden is dealing with the backlash of his hurtful and disrespectful comments towards NFL athletes and staff.     

Morrissey, A.

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