Women’s Sport in the Media

The battle for women on the grounds of elite sport has been going on for too long. Also concerning these issues are the differences in sponsorship and diversity, as well as the difference between media coverage for men and women’s sport. It’s been noted that only 5 percent of coverage in the media is allocated to women’s sports. This can be seen anywhere, such as the multiple news articles of Serena Williams ‘throwing a tantrum’ and being fined for her code violations and, thereafter, being depicted as what looked to be a crying gorilla in a sport skirt. Despite the championship game already having a great viewing, Serena’s questioning of the umpire brought even more attention, and not necessarily the good kind. This draws attention to the fact that women’s sports are seemingly not in the limelight until it’s the major championship or if someone breaks out of the set boundaries. Serena had both conditions during the US Open.

Janet Fink adds to these statements by discussing the disparate treatment Olympic female athletes received from sport media commercials in comparison to men’s. These continuous issues with women’s sports still raise questions like: Will women’s sports ever be broadcast as much as men’s? Why or why not? How do we break down the barrier of drawing the attention to women’s sports before the major championships or mishaps?

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