Bleacher Report’s New Series B/REAL: All-Star Athletes + Real Life Heroes

As one of the most popular sports news apps and websites, Bleacher Report is using it’s worldwide social reach and connection to professional athletes to show appreciation for real-life heroes.

Created by Bleacher Report managing editor Matt Sullivan, the new series B/REAL teams up with Board Chair NBA player Carmelo Anthony to reach out to exceptional individuals making positive impacts in their communities, their sports, and in society as a whole. Each week beginning in mid-October, 2018, B/REAL will release a short film, in which various individuals from across the United States have their heroic stories told, along with receiving a visit from a professional athlete looking to show their respect, admiration, and appreciation.

Athletes Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Candace Parker, and Alvin Kamara are the first to take part, paying visits to US heroes and helping spread their individual messages. Among those receiving acknowledgement to date have been one-armed high school basketball sensation Trashaun Willis, NASCAR’s first first black female pit crew member, Brehanna Daniels, and a football coach who stopped a school shooting, Jason Seaman.

In a time and in a society where media is so influential, especially in terms of globalization of sports and athletes, it is admirable of Bleacher Report to set out to bring positivity to the image of sport and athletes. Specifically, acknowledging that although athletes are, to many people, heroes, there are so many individuals out there who have heroic stories to tell but don’t have the same platform as professional athletes.

Athletes today are among the world’s biggest and well-known celebrities. Making use of their worldwide reach to draw attention to the people across the world doing amazing things is the direction one can hope sport and it’s athletes continue to go in. Bleacher Report giving professional athletes this platform to meet with those exceptional individuals provides a rare, and life-changing experience where heroes of sport meet heroes of life.

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