Violence in Sport

Violence in sport is a reoccurring issue. Whether it is being committed in the field of play, in the stands, on the streets, or at home. Patrick O’Sullivan was subject to abuse by his father for years and no one said anything. The people around him suspected abuse but never thought to report because they all thought that the abuse was working, that this kid’s father was creating a super star. Surprisingly violence at home isn’t the biggest problem with violence and sport.

O’Sullivan and his father, who he says abused him throughout his childhood

Violence during the sport by the athletes is nothing we haven’t seen before. Almost every NHL game has at least one fight. Yes, fighting is a part of hockey and some would say the game of hockey and fighting go hand in hand, you could not have one without the other. Do we want our children growing up thinking fighting is okay because it is sanctioned in hockey? We teach our children not to fight, to work out our problems, so why do we encourage it in sports? Why do we allow our coaches, fans, and our protectors; our parents, abuse us in physical and verbal ways?

Featured image: P. O’Sullivan


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