His Parents Worry

A young teenage boy only 15 years of age was tackled in a football game receiving a significant amount of brain damage to the point of not even being able to recognize his own mother while walking off the field.

Sports are tremendously beneficial for a child for numerous reasons, and it also benefits parents. There is an enormous amount of aggression in some sports, that can result in serious injuries, so do parents have the right to hold their child back from playing such dangerous and threatening sports?

Football is one of the more dangerous sports out there. For example, brain damage was diagnosed in 87 percent of donated brains of 202 football players, including all but one of 111 brains of National Football League athletes. As well, degenerative disease was found in 99 percent of NFL players’ donated brains. There is risk that football players are faced with  that may scare parents. But does the parent’s fear give them the right to tell their child they cannot play football? In the book Sports In Society by Jay Coakely and Peter Donnelly, the authors explore what it takes for an individual to be involved in a subculture of sport.

The New York Times  speaks of how ‘‘‘Real men” are tough and play tackle football”. This relates to what Coakely and Donnelly discuss in their book Sports In Society as some sports have certain norms within their subculture of that particular sport. There can be a huge influence on young teenage boys to want to get involved with football as playing football is a symbol of popularity and fitting in within the media, and movies. There is the significant amount of pressure for a child to want to belong to a sport, and to be part of a team. But how can parents step into their child’s decisions on the sports they play. Parents do have an important influence in a child’s life, but it becomes a challenge for parents as their child grows older. Kids become more independent and they begin to make decisions for themselves. So where do parents get to step in or have a say? Or do they have a say at all?

Featured Image by Kim Howes


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