Equal Play

Why is it that men’ sports gets more attention than women’s sports. In today’s society , it seems that more people become excited when it comes to men’s sports games than women’s sports. It is also evident in the fact that more people attend men’s sports than women’s. Many sports fans have argued that women’s sports are simply just boring compared to men’s sports. Excuses such as “men’s sports are more exciting, and thrilling” and “women’s sports are predictable and dull” are common. Simultaneously, women’s sports are rarely broadcast to mass audiences and not discussed very often. Could the media be making sports fans believe that women’s sports are less desirable by giving them less coverage?

Women have been fighting for equality for several decades. It has been very difficult for women to even have the chance to play sports as, in the past, women would be seen as being deviant and not lady like if they did. But hasn’t society come a long way? Shouldn’t we show and talk about women’s sports just as much as men’s? It is important to get women and girls to remain to participate in sports and exercise because sports have many benefits for men and women regardless of gender.

A research from the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) research found that women are still being treated unfairly in sports both on and off the field. For example, it was found that only 24 per cent of all Athletic Director positions and 17 percent of all head coaching spots in the Canadian universities are female. Should society not recognize this unfair problem and act upon it?

CNN does well to explore how women in sports are receiving less opportunities for sports and as well much less media coverage than men’s sports. The article also continues with an exploration of the concept of how girls should “act like girls” discussing how there are certain stereotypes on women and girls to play and not play some sports. There should be no sayings such as “you play like a girl” as girls are just as capable at any sport just as men are.

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