Gender and Sport

USPORTS athletes are now eligible to compete on teams that correspond with their gender identity, as long as these athletes comply with the Canadian Anti-doping program. This new policy is a huge step forward for Canadian university athletes.  Hormone treatment does not fall into the prohibited treatments of the Canadian Anti-doping program.

Unfortunately, this policy does not match those of other sporting organizations. So when will it? When will being gay, lesbian, and transgender be accepted in all sports, and in all aspects of life?

In comparison to the NCAA policy in the United States of America,  transgender women are allowed to compete for men’s teams, but not allowed to play for a women’s team unless they undergo hormone therapy. In addition, transgender men undergoing hormonal treatment are not allowed to play on a women’s team, unless that team changes their status to “mixed”.

Gender equity policies in national governing bodies have laid out two strategies that could help in improving the construction and implementation of gender equity policies. These two strategies are: improved communication and organizational reflexivity.

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