Mixing Alcohol and Sports

The consumption of alcohol during sporting events is a highly debated topic. Some view sports as a social engagement where it is acceptable for fans to drink in the stands. Others argue that alcohol consumption can lead to aggressive behaviour and fan violence as seen during the 2011 Stanley Cup game in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Although there is much debate as to whether or not fans should be allowed to consume alcohol during sporting events, there is much less debate as to whether or not players should consume alcohol. Recently, Jon Gott, an Ottawa Redblacks football player, chugged a beer after his team scored a touchdown. Gott did not break any rules; however, the CFL made immediate changes to their policies so on-field celebrations of this nature would not occur again in the future. Actions like these send mixed messages to people who are watching the game and could lead to negative associations being made with the Ottawa Redblacks team.

Clear Glass Beer Mug Filled With Beer

Furthermore, research indicates there are risks associated with athletes and alcohol consumption. Athletes who consume alcohol are seen to have a 31.3% higher injury rate when compared with those who do not consume alcohol. Alcohol has been seen to have many negative outcomes in the sporting world and should be consumed responsibly for those who choose to do so.

Featured image (Gott): Source


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