The Power of a Name

Reggie Bullock, a center for the Detroit Pistons, had his life turned upside down in the summer of 2014 when his sister was found dead from multiple stab wounds. Mia Henderson was born with male genitalia, but identified as a female. In the summer of 2014, Henderson was the second transgender woman to be murdered in the city of Baltimore.

Mia Henderson is the transgender sister of Detroit Pistons forward Reggie Bullock. Henderson was murdered in 2014.
Mia Henderson, who was murdered in 2014. Her brother is advocating for vulnerable transgender people like her using his NBA platform. (Photo: NBA)

It was recently stated in a USA Today news article, that Bullock has made it a priority to do what he can to “protect the unique, the different — maybe because he was unable to protect his sister.”

Today, with the transgender population being what it is, it is important to help support those living their true lives. The more publicity there is around the subject the more people will want to learn and understand, and not be so threatened by it. The LGBTQ community alone is unable to handle everything that is thrown at it by itself. However, with the help of big names getting the word out there, people tend to listen.

Bullock, like many other people believe in encouraging others to live their life they way they want to live it. Why does it take a story going viral, with an active NBA athlete involved, for people to start paying attention? Bullock mentioned in an interview that he was disgusted with the fact that this story was published and his sisters name was not even used, just “Reggie Bullock’s sibling”. Although fame can do a lot of good in promoting change, sometimes its too overbearing and ends up taking away from the actual situation at hand.

It is commendable that Reggie Bullock used his power to create a statement by standing up for his sister, with the intention to prevent the same thing from happening to any other transgender person.

Feature image source: NBA


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