There are many physical and mental benefits of sport. Unfortunately, sociological effects have been shown to have negative influence on the well-being of athletes.

Overconformity is dangerous, as it may push athletes to overlook and accept pain as part of the joy of their sport. An athlete who pushes through pain and fatigue is commemorated and respected. The encouragement for continuation of play comes from organisations, coaches, teammates, and the viewing public.

Society seems to have a hard time accepting the fact that their favourite athletes are humans too. They are humans that experience pain, stress, fatigue, and need rest. The pressure exerted from society is enough to override an athlete’s body telling them that they need to slowdown or that they are reaching burnout.

But it is understandable for athletes to have trouble stopping, as sport has become their way of life. It is, for some, a source of fame and financial income.

From a sociological standpoint, the participation in an elite sport can become a significant health risk because of the normalization of sport injuries through socialization.

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